Saturday, 6 July 2013


A new document bag, suitable for executive who wants to get rid of boring black briefcase...yes, add some colours with style!
 height 12.5 inch; width 15.5 inch;  base 4 inch
material : cotton linen
lining : cotton canvas
handle : PU leather - riveted and stitched
zippered on top
2 pockets, 1 zippered pocket and 1 pen slot

beautifully crafted

 RM 130

Sunday, 12 May 2013

sling bags ....pretty colours..

Sling bag untuk gadis remaja. Details , refer tu my FB : Handmade By Imazz

Monday, 22 April 2013

what i love craft

visit my FB for my latest product  : Handmade By Imazz

salam everyone,
it's been like light years ago when i last wrote something here. goes on growing up...we get busier...may be wealthier (... and fatter...oh no ... ) and of course, older....huhuhu... but here i am....trying to find words to explain my absence...from blogland.

sewing is still my hobby and passion. my work at college is busier than ever. i have my own 'office' this year....a small room , me alone...nothing fancy....but yes...privacy! the kids are always busy too. when is the time when we can stop and smell the roses....literally. 'cos my rose and other plants are now lack of TLC from me. all they got now is water.....

so my life is just like 99% of other malaysia working ladies. i wake up early, send children to school and off to office.  but weekends are heaven, everyone at home is healthy and happy. we are not rich but we have enough.

so...i am not complaining...i should be grateful. life is precious, so enjoy it...

have a nice day, peeps.... 

Friday, 8 June 2012

SALE!...Baju Kurung for girls

Baju kurung for coming Raya. Prepare early!

BK 1 Japanese Cotton, Pink floral   RM 50 ( with wrislet )Tidak termasuk pos.
 Labuh baju 25 inci  
Lebar bahu 11.5 inci
Labuh lengan 14.5 inci
Labuh kain  26 inci.                                               
Sesuai budak 6-7 tahun        
Ukuran  Wrislet     4.5 inci x 5 inci.

Japanese Cotton, Pink floral  match with pink polka dot. .

BK 2               RM 45( with wrislet ). TIDAK termasuk pos
Labuh baju 20 inci  
Lebar bahu 9.5 inci   Labuh lengan 13 inci
Labuh kain  21 inci.                                                   
Sesuai budak 3-4 tahun .                    
Ukuran  Wrislet     5 inci x 5 inci.

BK3RM 50( with wrislet ). TIDAK termasuk pos
Labuh baju 25 inci  
Lebar bahu 12 inci  
Labuh lengan 15.5 inci
Labuh kain  26.5 inci.
Sesuai budak 6-7 tahun          
Ukuran  Wrislet     5 inci x 5 inci

BK 4

Material : Japanese cotton
Labuh baju 26inci  
Lebar bahu 12.5 inci
Labuh lengan 16 inci
Labuh kain  27 inci.
Piping pada bahu.  
Kain berpinggang getah, zip dan hook.

Sesuai budak 7-8 tahun

RM 50 ( TIDAK Termasuk pos )

Interested ? sms 013 9488373 or

Friday, 25 May 2012

Alin's dress...again

Susahnya nak cari masa menjahit. Anyway sempat juga saya jahit baju Alin ni dan buat kraf sikit. Nak ambik gambar then upload tu yg malasnya. Maka banyaklah hasil kerja saya tak terupload. Tapi baju Alin ni special sikit sbb ambik masa nak siapkan ( ada lining ). I love the colourful lace which is a perfect match with the dottted fabric. Saya akan pasang butang pulak kat dada tu.